Prayer Meeting, Springhill, Florida December 3, 2011


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Pastor Estell had her  prayer meeting  at Tina’s home in Springhill, on December 3, 2011. What a beautiful place it is. Gods country for sure. We had Praise and and worship, singing, flag/dance ministry, a food tent, beautiful weather a nice turnout of people. It was a wonderful day, that lasted into the night. Relaxed, laid back a family event. Everyone brought food and drink, lawn chairs or blankets. It was nice and old fashioned not pretentious  More of these prayer meetings are being planned for the near future. It’s a “Works in Progress”. Some of the pictures posted here show the Hearts on Fire dance/flag ministry of Lori Magdalen  with her group. They were terrific.  Just so inspired  and graceful. A nice added touch to the Praise and Worship.  I look forward to our next prayer meeting.


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