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Pastor Estell needs volunteers for Winter Jam Tour 2013 coming to Tampa, Florida on January 12, 2013

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Are YOU looking for a Christian mingle experience?

Do YOU want to VOLUNTEER and be  be part of  something awesome?

DO YOU want to be part of the Winter Jam Tour when it comes to Tampa, Florida?

Pastor Estell is still in need of  VOLUNTEERS to help her.

For more information and to sign up to VOLUNTEER, Pastor Estell can be contacted via email at:


Our adventures in Old Town, April 20, 2012


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 Friday night some of us went to Old Town in Kissimmee, it’s a fun place to go with no entry costs and they have antique shops, candy, leather goods, odd stores and what not stores. It’s part shopping, amusement park, car shows, outdoor fun type place. It’s only a few blocks long. We must have gone into most of the shops except for the bars and the horror shop, ugh. There are plenty of benches so you can sit and rest if you get tired. We saw a car show and then did a “bopping heads”video. That was hilarious fun. For only$6.oo per person, up to three persons per video, you can sing along with  cartoon characters that are singing and dancing on the screen. you sit in front of a green screen with a green drape on in front of you, and you try to keep up with the character on the screen in front of youYou have to make sure your head stays where the characters head is supposed to be. We just laughed and laughed. We each have a memento to take home and watch on our tv’s, and laugh some more. So if you want to go to Old Town check the link section.

Our Annual SOS Retreat/Outing April 19 – 22, 2012

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 On Thursday afternoon some of the SOS ladies and I went on a little  retreat/vacation/refreshing journey to Orlando,  Florida. Since we had all been previously over the years  to all the regular main attractions like Disney, Seaworld, Epcot, Universal Studies, etc  it was not about going to those places. We all were just being laid back about scheduling anything since we’re all so very busy normally. The condo was acquired through Kim, (thank you Kim!). We all chipped in a modest amount then went to the grocery store. We did eat out once at Ponderosa. Not bad, it had a salad bar buffet deal going on for a not too bad price.We also had wanted to go to Old Town again like we did last year. These pictures are the very beginning of our adventure. I will post again what we did on Friday and add those pictures to the posting.I must add that in one of the pictures you will notice a blow up mattress on the porch. Thank God Diana remembered to bring  it because the pull out sofa had a very thin mattress. I was really surprised at that since the resort was so upscale. I’m going to have to get me one like hers. It was elevated up off the floor.

Tarpon Springs Craft Fair March 17,2012

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 This is actually the second Tarpon Springs Craft we were set up at.The previous one in February I had forgotten my camera. These pictures are similar to what the others would look like. This time there were less visitors. But there were many other events going in Tarpon Springs at the time. It’s a happening little city.  

We had several people stop by and ask about Diana’s bags. They saw the article in the St. Petersburg times and were so complimentary. Unfortunately Diana was not there that day, she was not feeling well, Pastor Estell and I were there helping here out. It was a beautiful day to be outside.

As you can see by one of the photos I was also selling my tee shirts there for SOS. Both Diana and I help sow in the SOS ministry. If you want to know  more about SOS , Bags by Diana , my tee shirts , or The City of Tarpon Springs, see side links.