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Valentines Day can be a difficult day for some of people.


It might be a day of joy for some people but for others it can bring back sad or painful memories. Time lost, misplaced feelings, broken hearts and bitterness can all be part of what is supposed to be a day of love and gladness.

A day where a person should be feeling special and set apart, some can only  feel isolated and depressed. Love is something synonymous with Valentines Day. But love is something that is a living thing, it’s alive and fresh and spontaneous and oh so special.

When someone has lost their loved one or has been abused by their loved one then love is dying. Soon to be gone. Being part of a group like Shedding Our Silence can help foster a person back to feeling loved and whole again.

At SOS we share our hurts, our painful memories and we learn to grow and deal with life in a new way. At SOS ministries we nourish, cherish and respect our members.

You don’t have to be alone.Consider being part of our group. We are located in New Port Richey, near the Tampa Bay area of Florida. 

Privacy assured. Come to us, let us show you the way to self restoration. We are a Christian based group. No fee but good will donations are accepted.

Contact us today. Pastor Estell Keshock is the group leader.

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New Group starting June 16,2012 under SOS


Hi Everyone 

Its me Pastor Estell. The Lord placed it on my heart to start a new group called:

Journey to Change

Restoring the power to Divine Health

Our first meeting was wow! Did you ever hear of the Biggest Loser Show? We are the Biggest Winners.

Committee :
Donna, Mary, and me,  Pastor Estell
Required book
” The Bible Cure for Weight Loss & Muscle Gain” the cost is between $5.99-$6.99 in bookstores.

Our next meeting June 30th , 10 a.m. space is limited, open to SOS/SOD members.

For more information: 

Contact Pastor Estell
email: revestell@yahoo.com