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Attention: S.O.D Students



Attention: Current S.O.D students
Don’t forget your assignment. What is your gift out of the 5 fold Ministry?
Remember if you choose one then the group will come behind you to organize an outreach. Ask questions i.e. What is it for, who are we targeting? And so on. Any questions ask Pastor Estell. See you tonight at class.


School Of Discipleship (S.O.D) begins again January 7, 2013

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 Tomorrow begins the School of Discipleship classes againHave you signed up yet? Did you make ANY commitments to get deeper and closer to Jesus?

Just what were your New years promises? Come on and get closer, learn how by getting into Scriptures.

The adventures in the Bible are sure to lighten your burdens and clear out all the worldly clutter.

So do something for Jesus and for yourself. Take a class. Get connected. As Pastor Estell says,and I quote “pick an H, Heaven or Hell”.

Monday 5-7 Prayer,Praise and Worship
Monday 7-9 Revelation part 2
Tuesday 5-7 Book of Hebrews
Tuesday 7-9 Inner Healing and Deliverance

for more information contact Pastor Estell at: revestell@yahoo.com